About Us

The Cemetery Association of Tennessee

  • Was established in 1953.
  • Is a non-profit association.
  • Represents member cemeteries operating in the state of Tennessee.
  • Has 80 cemetery members and 14 supplier members.
  • Hosts an annual convention for up to 150 attendees in Tennessee each summer.
  • Is the representative for the state of Tennessee for the Cemetery Consumer Service Council.
  • Monitors pending legislation that effects both consumers conducting business with cemeteries and cemeteries in Tennessee.
  • Offers leadership, education and guidance to new and existing cemeteries in the state.

Cemeteries operating in Tennessee are:

  • Regulated by the State of Tennessee, Department of Commerce & Insurance, Burial Services Division.
  • Required to deposit funds into an Endowment Care Fund that insures the perpetual care of the cemetery.
  • Required to deposit funds into a Merchandise & Services Trust Fund if they sell goods and services pre-need to insure availability of funds at time of delivery.

    Cemetery Consumer Service Council is listed in a federal directory as a resource
    for filing complaints about cemeteries.

Our Mission Statement

  • Promote goodwill and fair competition within the industry.
  • Inform and educate cemetery owners and managers.
  • Monitor all legislative and regulatory action affecting Tennessee cemeteries.
  • Foster the promotion of the cemetery as a good citizen-organized in your community.